The Game is a separate virtual world within LiFe. People compete to enter into the Game during the DeathMatch and Game Trials. Inside of the game, players are assigned to Game Groups.

Players can be removed from the Game; Bloody Mary is an example of that.

The Game existed before The Ending.  It was called 'Final Paradise'. Kleya Smith and Jake were early players of 'Final Paradise'.

The Game is run basically by popularity.  If you've got Watchers, you can stay in.  If you're not popular, you might get kicked out.  If a player gets enough fans, they might need a moderator.  Each group has a Game Manager, as well.

The Game has a tutorial that only allows single player mode. It has various parts to it, including an Alignment part.

Allowed party sizes before and after the EndingEdit

In this comment, Aneeka says:

"The Game plays differently than it did pre-Ending. Before the Ending, you could play solo or form groups, even large ones. There were very little restrictions on a lot of things. Post-Ending? Tons of restrictions like the new rule of everyone having to be in a group of 5 (except the few who received permission) as well as popularity now being a huge factor to be able to stay in the Game."

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