Stats are used in The Game. There are several kinds of stats. (Note: This is not yet a comprehensive list)

The basic stats are the Physical Stats, the Mental Stats, the Emotional Stats, and one Extra Stat.  There are other kinds of stats, as well.

  1. Physical Stats: Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina
  2. Mental Stats: Intellect, Luck
  3. Emotional Stats: Happiness, Anger
  4. Extra Stats: 1 Talent (e.g. Acrobatics)

Other stats/Uncategorized stats: Sight, Weapon Use, Health Points

Stats whose name might not be accurate: Fire

The players get to choose one talent as their Extra Stat. These extra stats are already pre-made. One example from the comic is Danni's Talent stat. She chose acrobatics as her talent, as that was the closest thing to ballet that there is.

Happy StatEdit

Harming the unarmed or innocent causes this stat to go down. Not harming causes it to go up.  Most people's Happiness stat is at 20 [1].

In The Game Trials, there was a bug which would cause an underflow error if the Happy Stat went below zero.  Kleya's Be Nice exploited this bug,  causing avatars to freeze up when they got hit by it.

Kleya's Hero Smiley also takes advantage of this stat, but in a different way.  It overloads Happiness such that anyone hit with it passes out from being too happy.

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