A Special is special programming that gives a player an advantage in DeathMatches and Game Trials. It has been described as "magical attacks" in the gaming world. When TENka created so many rules about specials, the use of them decreased vastly. Currently, there are over 500 articles in the Specials and it is over 1000 pages long.

Special TypesEdit

The known special types are:

  • Random - Defined under article 352. It is triggered by random factors and can occur at any time.
  • Attack - Can't be used with less than 5 HP
  • Area - Affects all players equally

Game Trial LimitsEdit

In the Game Trials, only one special can be used.

The Game LimitsEdit

In The Game, you have to have an Esone to equip specials[1].

Known SpecialsEdit

Kleya has three specials so far: Hero Smiley, HA! and Be Nice. Hero Smiley is a Random Special, rigged to activate whenever Kleya tries to hack. Nice is an Area Special.

Saisuke has a snake special, Seva.

Bandit has a special which drains his sight stats and puts it into his speed.

The Dude has a simple, but well-designed Random Special.

Danni has a special made by Kleya. It drains some of her stats and puts it into Strength and Speed.

The Angus twins have three specials. One is an attack special, called Ribbon.

Jane's Special puts 2 HP into her little dolls that she carries. When one dies, it respawns duplicated.

Superbug, a hacker in the Deathmatches, put a virus in his Special to attack Danni.

Morgana Elite, also in Deathmatches, had a "poorly made special" which drains her life to attack.

Author commentary said two of Kleya's unnamed opponents had undescribed specials. One opponent was succesful in using the special, while the other botched his execution.

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