Sandra Hoffman
Name Sandra
Gender Female
Location City
Sandra Hoffman
Sandra game

Sandra Hoffman is a wealthy woman who apparently is a powerful member of a City. She does not care for TENka and doesn't like being dependant on it for programmers.  She is married to Patrick.  She retired from IHI before The Ending.

Kleya's SponsorshipEdit

When Sandra saw Kat v7 defeat The Bandit using a Special, she offered a reward for the LiFe identity of Kat v7. Danni Morretti revealed that Kleya Smith was Kat v7's player to win the reward. Sandra also had a LiFe official (who really was The Bandit's LiFe player) verify the information. She became Kleya's sponsor.

Post Game TrialsEdit

After Kleya successfully made it into The Game, Sandra attempted to convince Kleya to move to her City.

Game ManagerEdit

Sandra is the Game Manager for Kleya's group. To talk to them, she uploaded them to her own server with a simple program, due to a lack of resources. The skin tone of her game avatar is closer to her real life tone.

Comic PagesEdit

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