Here are a few policies and guidelines for the wiki.

Starting OutEdit

  1. Practice at the Not A Villain Wiki:Sandbox. Don't be afraid of messing anything up there.
  2. Check out Help:Contents

Content GuidelinesEdit

  • Don't worry about perfection
  • Don't worry about completion
  • Creating a page and putting a sentance or two is just fine.
  • Creating a link to a non-existant page is also fine
  • No one owns a page. If you feel a change would make the article better, do it.
  • These guidelines are still changing. If you have any ideas on how best to organize these pages, please put it in the Wiki Questions Forum.
  • If you need to link back to the webcomic (which is highly recommended), use either the N template or the NAV template.
    • The N template is used for citation. It looks like
      . The number after the pipe character is the page number you want.
    • The NAV template is used when you want the text "Page X". It looks like
      . The number after the pipe character is the page number you want.

Character PagesEdit

  • Use the Template Infobox Character
  • Use the full LiFe name of the user as the page name. If it isn't known, just use what is known.
  • Create redirects for Game names and Reality names.
  • Create redirects for other common names (first names, nicknames, etc)
  • Include a Comic Pages section that will list out all the comic pages the character appear in, speaks in, or is mentioned in. Don't worry about filling it in at the moment of creation. Don't be shy to update it.
    • The syntax for the Comic Page section should be:
{{Comic pages

The forum has more information about using this template. To see an example, check out Kleya Smith or Jake.

Special PagesEdit

  • To be determined
  • Probably should have a Template Infobox Special that includes pictures and some stats (ie. programmer, type, main stat, etc).

Location PagesEdit

{{Infobox location