The following are mostly short, evocative descriptions of the narrative content of each story page. They may be supplemented with more detailed specifics. The current idea is to be able to skim this page to find a particular remembered page.

First page "Kleya" uploads her "Kat v7" avatar attempt and resumes L.i.F.e.

Title page Title splash. Kleya awakes in L.i.F.e., accompanied by server logs indicating this.

Page 02 Kleya's unauthorized napping in the library is noted by a security bot.

Page 03 Kleya's excuses are rejected, and she is fined 3500

Page 04 Mina appears to show off her new, more casual look for her performance.

Page 05 Mina is alarmed to discover that Kleya is napping, ruining her credit and exposing her account to possible hacking, in pursuit of trying to get into the Game (rather than focusing on programming effects and music for Mina's performances).

Page 06 Kleya confirms that she has finished work on the songs. Mina encourages her with the thought of hiring an artist to do an avatar and playing with their earnings from performances.

Page 07 Kleya readies to leave and returns her borrowed books, just as a commotion over Saisuke erupts.

Page 08 Low res teaser video of Saisuke plays, much to Mina's delight. Kleya is less impressed.

Page 09 Saisuke's teaser ends with the obliteration of his foes. Advertisement of the upcoming DeathMatch playse. Kleya leaves.

Page 10 Kleya arrives at the cheap Game practice server. DeathMatch entrance fee is listed as 6000, avatar authorizeation at 1500, 1 hour practice at 300. Kleya has only 6146. She elects to practice and upload her avatar.

Page 11 Evolution of "Kat" revealed. "Kat v7" is DENIED authorization.

Page 12 Danni appears. She can't believe Kleya paid for such a crappy avatar, then is impressed she admits to drawing it herself.

Page 13 Danni offers to let Kleya use the avatar of her deceased partner, Nanea, and pay for the session.

Page 14 Danni doesn't let Kleya say no, she needs a new partner and Kleya needs an avatar. She sets up the scenario.

Page 15 Specials are generally thought to be too complex to use, Danni enters without one. Kleya uploads Hero Smiley before entering.

Page 16 The server is lower res than Kleya expected, it doesn't even have color. It does have trucks.

Page 17 Discussion of the importance of style, interrupted by another truck.

Page 18 Danni demonstrates her ballet moves. Kleya refrains from blowing up the truck.

Page 19 She dodges the truck normally, but without great style. Then gets an Alert!

Page 20 Someone outside (in L.i.F.e.) has requested a change in the scenario. Players 3 and 4 enter, the Angus Twins. Danni blames them for her Nanea's death.

Page 21 Kleya looks at their stats. They are NPCs designed to harrass non-TENka Game entrants. That is not cool.

Page 22 The Twins intend to disqualify Danni for the upcoming DeathMatch by making her eat a loss. They attack.

Page 23 Kleya's attempt to defend Danni doesn't work out well. And the Twins turned pain on. And are using a Special.

Page 24 Special Ribbon immobilizes and inflicts ongoing damage. Kleya doesn't have the strength to break free.

Page 25 Kleya does, however, have Hero Smilely, which is activated and appears.

Page 26 Hero Smiley smites the Twins with a suddenly happy disposition. They forfeit. Danni is confused.

Page 27 Kleya logs out without answering Danni's questions, only to face the no longer happy Twins.

Page 28 Kleya calls them viruses, they assert their TENka origin. This does not improve Kleya's mood.

Page 29 Danni arrives, ready to fight. Rules against that do not apply to NPCs. The Twins depart.

Page 30 Danni and Kleya discuss NPCs, Specials, and invalid avatars.

Page 31 Kleya doesn't want to use Nanea's avatar, but the upcoming DeathMatch is the best chance to become a player, with 5 open slots rather than one.

Page 32 Because of Bloody Mary wiping out her own team. Scary. But Danni really needs a partner.

Page 33 Kleya can't say no to that. But she has a prior engagement to meet.

Page 34 At L.i.F.e.'s Entertainment CORNER, Mina is waiting to have Kleya help with hee performance.

Page 35 Kleya goes backstage to run the stage programming while Mina sings. During the song, Kleya checks the DeathMatch registration fee, now at 7500. She still has only 6146.

Page 36 Kleya is low on above board methods to achieve her goals.

Page 37 Mina finishes her set, which was "perfect" asid from money.

Page 38 They grossed 1795, Kleya's 20% comes to 359. Kleya lies about the investment she wants to make for 1000.

Page 39 The time to upload for the DeathMatch arrives. Kleya has not paid her fine of 3500.

Page 40 Danni and Kleya discuss the situation.

Page 41 Danni is stressed. They really need to win, or Danni can't afford L.i.F.e. anymore. Her upload interrupts them.

Page 42 Danni's parents lend Kleya the money. Kleya decides on an avatar.

Page 43 Danni is waiting for Kleya when the Twins show up again.

Page 44 Kat v7 appears. The effect is not pleasing.

Page 45 More displeasing effects become apparent.

Page 46 Danni's match ends up as a tie from votes, despite Danni's victory.

Page 47 Kleya resists the temptation to tamper with the votes. Danni looks up her match.

Page 48 Kat v7 is matched with Bandit. Danni despairs over the math.

Page 49 Bandit appears, and maxes out the creep meter. Kleya reacts.

Page 50 The prat falls. This garners some attention.

Page 51 Kleya doesn't do interviews. She just wants to win and get out.

Page 52 Bandit is altering the terms of their engagement. His fans agree.

Page 53 Bandit has leaky code and an odd stat. His attack is predictable.

Page 54 He misses repeatedly, despite Kat v7's obvious defects. But her balance isn't great.

Page 55 Kleya turns that to her advantage, for a moment. Then again.

Page 56 Bandit's dignity (and votes) are falling. Then time runs out.

Page 57 Bandit activates his special. It repurposes his excessive sight stat.

Page 58 He begins to beat Kat v7's helpless form without mercy.

Page 59 Her health is too low to activate her special. Her anger, on the other hand...

Page 60 Activates Hero Smilely.

Page 61 After some shock and awe, the smiting occurs. Bandit is happy.

Page 62 But he didn't win. Rather the opposite. Kleya and Danni have conflicting feelings.

Page 63 Bandit looked uncool and uncouth, and lost like a fool, dropping his vote count. Kleya has attracted unwanted attention.

Page 64 Kleya (still as Kat v7) is detained and questioned by an Agent. She evades.

Page 65 Kleya turns the charges back on Bandit (yeah, he was cheating too, but with TENka approval).

Page 66 Kleya forfeits to terminate the investigation.

Page 67 Danni is waiting for Kleya. She is not best pleased by the forfeit.

Page 68 TENka is discussing the match with Bandit. He is not what he seemed, nor is the Agent.

Page 69 Dr. Grace sees Kat v7 as a recruitable asset, since she doesn't appear obsessed with wining.

Page 70 A few days later, back in the library in L.i.F.e., Kleya is trying to work out her problems.

Page 71 An angry Mina appears. She wants a new song, to combat Kat v7's rising popularity.

Page 72 A greedy Danni appears. She wants to get paid for revealing Kat v7's identity. Mina disputes the charge.

Page 73 Kleya is hiding in a study room while everyone looks for her. An Official arrives.

Page 74 Kleya suspects him of being TENka. He suspects a scam.

Page 75 Kleya's use of an unauthorized avatar has left no record definitely connecting her to Kat v7. Danni will be punished unless Kleya admits it was her.

Page 76 Further, L.i.F.e. is offering to overturn her forfeiture because of TENka's apparent intimidation tactic, given Kat v7's popularity.

Page 77 Kleya is willing if Danni also gets into the Game Trials. L.i.F.e. leaves it to her to convince her fans.

Page 78 Meanwhile, Danni, Mina, and Sandra are discussing Kleya. Kleya returns to admit the truth.

Page 79 Mina is Kleya's manager! And still a singer. But is Kleya willing to enter the Game Trials?

Page 80 Sandra explains anti-TENka sentiment 101 and offers to sponser Kleya.

Page 81 Kleya would rather deflect the attention. She announces that Danni is her partner. Mina begins managing.

Page 82 Danni pulls Kleya into a study for a private conference about repayment with a custom Special.

Page 83 Kleya explains stuf about Specials. Danny explains about Game Trials.

Page 84 In other words, it's a double elimination tournament.

Page 85 Kleya explains more about Specials. And leaves.

Page 86 Kleya goes to face Mina (and her family) and admit she lied.

Page 87 Mina is glitching from having too many spectators causing lag.

Page 88 Her L.i.F.e. avatar crashes for the third time. Kleya suggests limiting veiwing angles to reduce their render load and bandwidth usage.

Page 89 Mae also wants the spectators out of the apartment. Molly (her mother) logs out ot inform Mina.

Page 90 Mae's watching Snowman's Game group. And suffering IRL.

Page 91 Mae and Kleya discuss moving to a City, not that either of them can. Molly and Mina return.

Page 92 Kleya admits that the investment wasn't in a voice enhancer.

Page 93 They discuss how to move forward.

Page 94 Kleya goes to meet Danni. Danni has a concern.

Page 95 Kleya's situation seems like Nanea's. Danni doesn't need another dead partner.

Page 96 She does, however, need a partner, as the Game is the only way citizens can make money online.

Page 97 She doesn't want to explain why she can't work offline, but she does want Kleya to have a better avatar than Kat v7.

Page 98 It's time for Mina's L.i.F.e. live! But Kleya's fans are dissatisfied.

Page 99 They want Kleya! Kleya doesn't want them. She starts Mina's song.

Page 100 Kleya stresses over her temper. She isn't much like Mom.

Page 101 Mina is touched by Kleya's apology, and by her loyalty. And she keeps dreaming big.

Page 102 Danni and Kleya arrive to upload for the Game Trials. Sandra wants to discuss fans, and winning.

Page 103 Kat v8 is still invalid. Worse, the Game Trials only allow one special. Kat can be Nice.

Page 104 Also, the tournament seed is totally rigged. She's fighting Bandit.

Page 105 Dr. Grace has a secret master plan. He doesn't need him watching.

Page 106 Bandit and Kat v8 begin their fight.

Page 107 Bandit activates his Special first, but someone is hacking...Danni!

Page 108 D appears! He is finally permitted to act...and causes a shutdown.

Page 109 The restart is quick, but the panic is palpable. TENka announces they have found a hacker.

Page 110 Superbug (subtle) used a virus in his Special to disable his opponent. He was operating from the defunct Germany City.

Page 111 TENka returns everyone to their regularly scheduled Game Trials, but this doesn't quell all alarm over the hacker.

Page 112 Bandit is declared winner of the interrupted match. Whatever.

Page 113 Kat v8 faces the Man with No Name (or anything else but a really slow attack)

Page 114 Kat activates Nice! TMwNN cringes in terror for a bit...then charges once nothing happens.

Page 115 TMwNN hits a pacifist Kat for 24 points, and another 8 of fall damage. Nice hits him for 32/32.

Page 116 TMwNN falls, and Kat v8 wins! Turns out his name was Punk Knight. Alas, nobody cares.

Page 117 Morgana Elite appears. She has a Special, so Kat and her talk while they wait out the 20 second delay.

Page 118 Nice does nothing, again. Kat raises her hands helplessly, again. Morgana Elite blasts her with a fireball, and Nice smites her.

Page 119 Kat v8 is the winner? And wins again! 5x...I thought there were only 65 contestants?

Page 120 Bloody Mary is in the Trials! She's put Danni into the Losers grid...against Kat!

Page 121 Dr. Grace wants Bandit to help him observe Kat's match with Danni.

Page 122 As Kleya hesitates, Danni begins her...attack?!

Page 123 ALERT! It's really an attack, with a balanced followup. She knows ballet-fu!

Page 124 Kat praises her moves, still hesitating to activate Nice. Danni activates her Special.

Page 125 Danni's whirling kick of death approaches!

Page 126 Kat activates Nice (the fights are paused while that intro is played). Then Danni's kick connects for 82 total damage.

Page 127 Nice smites Danni! No!

Page 128 Danni faces Waterman in a popularity contest for the fifth spot as Dr. Grace gloats.

Page 129 Danni loses the fifth spot. Kleya looks at Kat v8's...mitts.

Page 130 "Mom--all over again."

Page 131 Kat grieves her refusal to lose. But because of that, she could take top place.

Page 132 The extra pay for being a leader could help Danni...but Dr. Grace is still scheming.

Page 133 He needs Bandit to drop to the Loser grid and fight Kat. But Bandit would rather not.

Page 134 They discuss whether Kat is really who they're trying to find.

Page 135 Dr. Grace prevails, Bandit's match is declared forfeit.

Page 136 Kat faces The Dude in the Losers Semi Final! The Dude has a which he already knows the answer.

Page 137 Kat activates Nice. The Dude forfeits at the mere sight. Dr. Grace is not pleased.

Page 138 He discusses Nice with Bandit.

Page 139 Bandit has a cunning plan to be nice.

Page 140 Bandit activates his Special first, again.

Page 141 Kat tries to avoid his first attack.

Page 142 And fails. But she does survive to activate Nice.

Page 143 Which Bandit insults, even at the cost of canceling his own Special.

Page 144 Kat grows weary of Bandit's insults, but how will she prevail if he's "nice"?

Page 145 Bandit turns up his creep factor! Is that his idea of being nice?

Page 146 Kat smacks him. Nice smites her in return. Bandit smirks.

Page 147 Now he's monologuing. What is up with him?

Page 148 His creep factor goes to 11! And then he trips Kat, for fall damage.

Page 149 That wasn't nice! Nice so judges! Kat leaps to the attack!

Page 150 Or rather, the no-damage swing dancing. Bandit doesn't catch her (cause he's a jerk).

Page 151 And then he falls on top of her for damage! Nice determine this to be not nice, and is unimpressed with his dodging.

Page 152 Bandit finally realizes the missing piece of the puzzle. He is petulant about losing and wants people to die.

Page 153 Dr. Grace doesn't want to die. He covers for Bandit.

Page 154 His (new) cunning plan is to have Kat fight Bloody Mary, and observe.

Page 155 Dimitri and Kim argue, but the fight is beginning. Bandit is on cheating duty.

Page 156 Kat v8 vs Bloo- I mean, Jane. Jane's creepy Special is not well coded. Bandit doesn't want to die.

Page 157 Like Dr. Grace's son. Are these people all insane, or just Jane?

Page 158 Kat activates Nice. Bandit is working on hacking it. Jane is being crazy.

Page 159 Jane activates her Special. The dolls attack.

Page 160 They dish out more than they can take, Nice squishes them...but Jane is not affected.

Page 161 And the dolls multiply when they're killed...draining Jane's HP, but not as fast as they deal damage.

Page 162 Dr. Grace realizes that Nice is ineffective against Jane's dolls. Kat is going to need a new plan.

Page 163 Kat cancels Nice and dodges.

Page 164 She exploits the imbalanced stats of the dolls to counter-attack before they get back up.

Page 165 Success! But Jane exploits the fact that Kat is distracted.

Page 166 ALERT! Kat barely avoids being sliced.

Page 167 And now the dolls are after her again, but she hides behind Jane.

Page 168 The dolls, unlike Nice, have IFF. Kat needs to evade.

Page 169 She fails, at this range. Hacking may be her only option.

Page 170 But she's reminded of the look on Danni's and her Mom's faces when she put winning above all else.

Page 171 Mental trauma has the worst timing.

Page 172 Dr. Grace does not understand. Bandit explains unhelpfully.

Page 173 Dr. Grace accepts that Kat cannot be her. But Bandit shares a different opinion with Brandon.

Page 174 For the first time, we learn what "her" is supposed to mean. Well, not that we didn't guess.

Page 175 Brandon and Bandit have some heart to heart discussion about her.

Page 176 Kat is trying to come to terms with having lost outright. The image of Jane doesn't help.

Page 177 Kleya signs out and goes looking for acceptance, starting with Danni's.

Page 178 But the Lillys need her to help Mae, since her custom interface macros Kleya made stopped working in the shutdown.

Page 179 She's got to find Danni first, though.

Page 180 Danni's hiding in the University, an unfinished area. But Waterman sends a petition to remove Jane.

Page 181 Kat v8's vote is the tie breaker...but Kleya chooses not to be vindictive. Jane, on the other hand....

Page 182 Kleya goes into the unfinished University area.

Page 183 She finds Danni.

Page 184 Danni didn't want to be found. That's why she's hiding in there.

Page 185 Kleya's money won't do Danni any good. Her City has changed the requirements.

Page 186 Danni's a "costly liability" IRL. Getting a Game spot was her last chance. Kleya offers hers.

Page 187 But Danni's tired of letting others sacrifice themselves for her. She's accepted her uselessness...but she wanted to dance a bit more.

Page 188 The bot is delivering a message for Danni, but it lags out because of the area's defects.

Page 189 Jane's counter petition to kick Waterman succeeded...way to not be the deciding vote, Kleya.

Page 190 Danni is in. She's taking the open slot. She's also forwarding messages from Sandra.

Page 191 Danni has good news to share and hear, Kleya goes to meet Sandra.

Page 192 Sandra talks about the perks of being sponsored...including importation.

Page 193 Kleya refuses. Sandra is understanding, but insistent.

Page 194 The game requires a Kido. Kleya casually admits she can get one working.

Page 195 That only makes Sandra more determined to import Kleya, but she accepts that it also means Kleya can say no.

Page 196 Meanwhile, Brandon is compensating for his patheticness by being one move away from checkmate by two queens. Lolwut.

Page 197 Bandit and he discuss whether her could hack the geomagnetic field etc.

Page 198 Kleya finally gets around to Mae. Her family is 'napping' IRL, so Mae asks which City Kleya's going to.

Page 199 On finding out Kleya's not being imported, Mae offers to discuss her IRL situation.

Page 200 Mae's a bit tired of not being IRL at all cause of her arm, her Mom logs back in to interrupt.

Page 201 Molly offers to let Kleya use their couch to log out. Kleya accepts.

Page 202 The real life of a levitating cyborg girl. It's dark, but high tech.

Page 203 She can turn off the levitation when she wants to walk around like a puny human.

Page 204a She can also talk to D out loud, a luxury she can't afford online.

Page 204b D only answers through displays and stuff. They discuss how the planet's screwed up.

Page 205a The volcanos are less dramatic now, at least.

Page 205b She has stuff to do, like the Kido thing, and eating (sorta).

Page 206a The food is not great.

Page 206b But it's obtained honestly, which is what counts. She gets to work.

Page 207 Keeping up the appearance of not being a MMI cyborg takes actual work without shortcuts.

Page 208 But it's important. And things like spoofing different interface hardware is easy enough.

Page 209 Okay, time to sit back up and resume L.i.F.e.

Page 210 Hooray, Mae's interface is back. But she's forgotten how to get off the couch.

Page 211 After some complaints about IRL food, Mae learns to stand up.

Page 212 Mina plots out Kleya's career, and offers her mom as a moderator to handle the fans.

Page 213 Kleya endures the cloying crowd as she heads to the login point, then encounters Danni, who has a different problem.

Page 214 Kleya is good at returning venom. Also, she likes protecting Danni.

Page 215 While the area loads, Danni and Kat have some odd personal issues.

Page 216 Bandit being a bit stalkerish, Brandon questioning Bandit's motives and methods.

Page 217 Brandon, moved by his incipient death, finally calls Jake by name. Oh, and suddenly likes Kleya.

Page 218 Danni is very impressed with the outdoor feel of the Game area.

Page 219 The Dude and Bandit arrive. The Dude tries to dive into the lake, Kat dissuades Danni from joining him.

Page 220 Since everything but the grass is just a skybox to hide that they're in a simple box. The Dude isn't hurt, except for his pride.

Page 221 The Dude remembers his mission to make friends with Kat. He is inept.

Page 222 Sandra arrives. She likes having her own server, despite the limitations.

Page 223 Yep, Jane has kids. No, they don't look like that.

Page 224 Patrick arrives, in Paddy form. That does not please Sandra.

Page 225 Paddy will redo all their avatars. He's excited to do homage to Daniella Morretti, the famous ballerina.

Page 226 He's greatly shocked and enthused to learn Danni is herself.

Page 227 They begin discussing the (deleted) Nice Special.

Page 228 The secret of Nice, Bandit.

Page 229 Bandits technical acumen (including cheaty log access), also revealed.

Page 230 Jane arrives, scares The Dude, Sandra reveals that they are not getting paid today.

Page 231 Saisuke has preempted them. Sandra is displeased with TENka.

Page 232 The Dude defends TENka, Jane is displeased with Citizens.

Page 233 Everyone else tries to get back on task.

Page 234 Brandon remembers his task is chatting up Kat. Not that he's figured out how.

Page 235 Paddy is also supposed to do that when designing her new avatar. He elicits a firm "No".

Page 236 I's not a great first try. Nor is Bandit doing well with Danni.

Page 237 Dude at least isn't personally responsible for killing anyone she liked, or almost killing her. And Kat is expressing her insights into this association.

Page 238 Which isn't perfect. After she logs out, Paddy, Sandra, and Jane mull her sanity.

Page 239 Kleya makes it back to the Lilly's for a discussion of her career path.

Page 240 Mae blacks out from pain, Molly goes to check on her IRL. Kleya asks how serious it is.

Page 241 Mina is determined to be optimistic, Kleya remembers her own inability to deal with her mother's illness.

Page 242 Brandon is cheating at chess to compensate for his recent trauma. He discusses Kleya with Jake.

Page 243 Kleya's father is mentioned. Jake becomes slightly evasive on the subject.

Page 244 Kleya meets up with Danni so they can walk to the Game Access together.

Page 245 Kleya's fans are getting weirder, she and Danni end up running for it.

Page 246 Danni reassures Kleya as they reach the upload point, Bandit and The Dude are already logged in.

Page 247 Paddy shows off his giant purple gorilla in overalls look.

Page 248 Then his milspec combat mecha avatar. It is a poor choice.

Page 249 Sandra and Paddy didn't know anyone survived Shanghai's incident with those...

Page 250 The Dude didn't know that anyone from IHI survived the Hacker Hunts. Jane appears.

Page 251 Everyone tries to prepare for the arrival of Danni and Kat.

Page 252 Danni especially loves her avatar. Kat is pleased.

Page 253 Kat's lack of a frown triggers Jake's memories, Kat noticies and is displeased.

Page 254 Sandra announces that they'll all be playing the tutorial, to boost their popularity.

Page 255 They'll have to get their initial Esone before using Specials. The Dude is not pleased.

Page 256 Bandit is more confident. Kat has advice for Danni.

Page 257 Danni is unsure. Kat is extremely confident.

Page 258259 Loading... Slowly, with cool animation.

Page 260 Welcome to the Mists. Newbies (like Danni) find it more disconcerting than not.

Page 261 The Wisps, on the other hand, find Jane disconcerting.

Page 262 Kat begins her master plan, which varies from the 'recommended' path.

Page 263 Thanks to the Wisp Express, Jane arrives first.

Page 264 The tutorial NPC's have no idea what Jane is about to do.

Page 265 The main NPC gives the quest, Jane gives no quarter.

Page 266 Jane hides the child NPC's eyes while she buries her blade. Danni still hasn't started.

Page 267 Bandit is being creepy again, this time towards a kid.

Page 268 The Dude is being greedy, but he'll settle for a Card.

Page 269 Not that the kid (or anyone else) thinks he deserves one.

Page 270 But The Dude has ranks in Bluff and Pickpocket. Apparently.

Page 271 Kat arrives, after a detour to gather a green lasso. She knows the dialog and the encounter triggers by heart already.

Page 272 Back to Bandit, who is absconding with a kid and saying things that aren't reassuring.

Page 273 Kat, on the other hand, is being nice, however much it goes against her preferences.

Page 274 She tames the savage (weak-sauce) fiendi with a collar of malerve.

Page 275 Kat recieves the sacred flower of good people.

Page 276 She smiles with evil satisfaction. Danni has almost reached the quest NPCs.

Page 277 She arrives, and sticks the landing...sorta. But the quest NPC is slready dead.

Page 278 This is very frustrating. The clingy little brat is not helping.

Page 279 Hugs are useless. The backup quest information is somewhat less so.

Page 280 Back to Bandit, whose every action seems highly questionable to his young abductee.

Page 281 His nonsensical actions begin to bear amusing (and unfortunate, for the fiendi) results.

Page 282 Danni reaches the fiendi island...but where are they?

Page 283 Danni displays concern for her socks, The Dude displays his (non) mastery of chess...and the tutorial.

Page 284 Kat is crafting some kind of Flower Power wand.

Page 285 Danni is walking into an ambush while distracted by phosphorescent grass.

Page 286 The fiendi attacks! and is instantly dispatched.

Page 287 It had friends. Lots of them. Danni and The Dude have disparate reactions to this.

Page 288 The Dude activates Flee mode. Bandit looks down on his enemies.

Page 289 Bandit orders his young captive to take the island's helm, and set a collision course.

Page 290 The fiendi are cast into the Mists with a mighty "Boom!"

Page 291 His delight is clouded by sad memories of IRL explosions, but he presses on.

Page 292 Kat notices that Bandit is doing the Demoli route. Cause she's hacking.

Page 293 Her Flower Power neutralizes the fiendi, while The Dude runs towards a lucky break.

Page 294-2 Danni boosts her Morto rating higher, while Bandit whistles towards the objective

Page 295 They lay hands on their Esones while The Dude remains in Flee mode.

Page 296 The Dude's luck card finally triggers.

Page 297 Kat has scored a pretty pink "100%". She's pleased to skip the cutscene.

Page 298 Everyone is already finished, and discussing their alignment results.

Page 299 Kat, having a perfect Erbana score, finds herself among villains.

Page 300 Bandit got his wish, but Kat does not want to accept this outcome.

Page 301 She can't abandon the few friends she's made, but she can't go on as a villain. She logs out.

Page 302 "Kleya's" memories of her happy childhood as a prodigy with no limits.

Page 303 A genius who could transform the leaving human limits behind.

Page 304 And the terrible backlash from the humans she'd surpassed.

Page 305 He deemed her the world's greatest monster.

Page 306 Kleya returns to L.i.F.e. and faces her fan's bewilderment.

Page 307 They wanted her to be a villain. But there are IRL costs to that.

Page 308 She wants them to leave her alone. They don't want to. She can make them.

Page 309 But that's not what she wants to do anymore.

Page 310 Kleya calls on D to prevent the damage.

Page 311 By shutting down the system. Someone's trapped in a Kido.

Page 312a Someone is speaking Chinese while prying open the lid.

Page 312b They address Jake while shining a light in his face.

Page 313 Life support systems are down.

Page 314 No lights, no power, just the deep blue sea.

Page 315 Tenka City from the outside.

Page 316a Jake meets Walter.

Page 316b Neither knows what's going on.

Page 317a But they know what will happen if it isn't fixed.

Page 317b They try some light banter to stave off despair.

Page 318 And the power comes back online.

Page 319a Walter nearly faints with relief.

Page 319b It's merely the latest of many brushes with death.

Page 320 But he's not as young as he once was.

Page 321 Jake encounters a door that won't open, but there's a handy service hatch.

Page 322 On the other side, a smiling Virus is in control.

Page 323 Her Virus. Did she attack again? What to do?

Page 324 This should work...without killing me.

Page 325 "Welcome...Jakey! What can I do for you?"

Page 326 Just say the magic phrase...Re-set completed.

Page 327 Everyone needs you, Jake.

Page 328 Welcome to Central! It's at the very top of the main Sphere.

Page 329 Explain your alarming absence and involvement in this crisis, Jake!

Page 330 Better yet, go rest before you die and leave us as the mercy of the Virus.

Page 331 The smart storage system remembers where the food is, but doesn't maek it taste better.

Page 332 Okay, enough talking to computers, let's talk to figments of my imagination.

Page 333 "What is she trying to do?"

Page 334 Could I just ask her? Are we still friends?

Page 335 "Everything changed so fast."

Page 336 Kim interupts Jake's reminesance.

Page 337 They discuss Dr. Grace and his schemes.

Page 338 And the very recent Virus incident.

Page 339 And Kat's possible motives for playing her mother's route.

Page 340 Kim's theory may be flawed...

Page 341 But she won't forgive her.

Page 342 Kim leaves Jake with a grim warning.

Page 343 Danni logs back into L.i.F.e., finally she can move again!

Page 344 But not everyone is so cheerful, and Kleya is missing.

Page 345 A witness to Kleya's last actions before the shutdown is concerned about hacking.

Page 346 Danni can't do anything about it...just like with Nanea.

Page 347 She just wants a chance to dance, but everyone else has different plans.

Page 348 Danni's mom comes through, but someone's looking for Daniella.

Page 349 The ensign of her IRL fans.

Page 350 Wants to shake her hand.

Page 351 Danni hates being sick.

Page 352 She hides in the University.

Page 353 "Dance until the pain goes away."

Page 354 Kleya's hiding there too.

Page 355 Danni thinks ignoring messages is pretty irresponsible.

Page 356 "Are you having, um...Survival problems?" Or what?

Page 357 Danni would really like to feel useful to someone.

Page 358 "Just say sorry and learn from the mistake."

Page 359 "Unlikeable...Huh."

Page 360 Danni has memories of her childhood.

Page 361 "Dancing. That became my answer to everything."

Page 362 "Facing a life that no longer has any purpose to it."

Page 363 Listening to Danni, Kleya remembers her mother's words.

Page 364 Danni has her own frustrations.

Page 365 "How did you do in the Tutorial?"

Page 366 Erbana seems likeable.

Page 367 "But...They think I'm a villain."

Page 368 "Can't our group change villain status?"

Page 369 "You teach me how to do Kesti, I'll turn Hero."

Page 370 Danni is disconnected.

Page 371 Her City has problems, and no mechas. Hacking could scare them into making things worse.

Page 372 "You Have 437 NEW Messages:" including one from The Bandit.

Page 373 "Hi! I'm Jake."

Page 374 "He was there. With him. On his side."


Page 376 Jake and Brandon catch up.

Page 377 "She might just hate your Bandit persona."

Page 378 Or she might want to kill all humans...and be easily able to.

Page 379 Or she might just not want to be called a villain anymore.

Page 380 "You're drowning in conspiracies!"

Page 381 "What's our new plan?" We'll piss her off for no clear reason.

Page 382 That should make her friendly.

Page 383 Jake, just admit you're nuts (not about her, just in general).

Page 384 The Game group reassembles in Sandra's server.

Page 385 And Paddy promptly causes a big red ERROR.

Page 386 Just a failed background change. It's not important.

Page 387 Our popularity is what matters. And our replays were erased.

Page 388 We can't redo the tutorial.

Page 389 The popularity graph. What's wrong with Erbana?

Page 390 They're very incompatible with Morto...and Demoli.

Page 391 Particularly Jane. Maximum incompatiblity.

Page 392 And killing Group members isn't off-limits. In fact, we're planning on it.

Page 393 "And since Danni has the lowest popularity score...."

Page 394 And just to mess with Kat's Erbana alignment.

Page 395 Guelia Isola briefing.

Page 396 Her father's haunt.

Page 397 Dude, shut up about Citzens when Jane's around.

Page 398 It's more a Morto job anyway.

Page 399 But we're not going to try it right off the bat.

Page 400 Let's focus on not getting killed first.

Page 401 Kat gives Danni last minute tips on variable g.

Page 402 And not dying, by attacking first. They upload.

Page 403 And are repositioned so that Danni will be right next to Jane.

Page 404 Kat is out of legal options for saving Danni.

Page 405406 Jane appears suspiciously unfazed by the repositioning, in contrast to Danni.

Page 407 Danni uses her extra long legs to kick Jane in the face, but still gets sliced.

Page 408 Kat grabs a flower. Danni does a backflip in half g.

Page 409 Jane is following up...until she inhales a magic dandelion.

Page 410 This may be traumatic if you suffer from allergies yourself. Kat and Danni escape.

Page 411 Dude is confused, then terrified.

Page 412 Dude also escapes, leaving Jane low on targets.

Page 413 She is not keen on getting closer to Bandit's smug face.

Page 414 He offers to let her practice killing scoiatti while he retrieves the others.

Page 415 Once alone, Jane attempts to set her Special on her Esone...without success.

Page 416 Meanwhile, Kat and Danni continue escaping.

Page 417 Kat spies, with her hacker eye, a rare plant. Time to rest.

Page 418 Danni wobbles in 42% g, then notices her Esone.

Page 419 And that Kat has a Hammerspace special.

Page 420 Danni has to learn to do all the interface management.

Page 421 So she can place and set her Esone. Kat climbs a tree.

Page 422 Dude appears, Danni's defensive reflexes kick him in the face.

Page 423 At least he's not dead, so he can tell her about Whispers.

Page 424 Danni does not like to multitask, though. Kat is still in the tree.

Page 425 Dude attempts to emulate her. Hilarity ensues.

Page 426 Kat returns to the ground. HLZ PLZ!

Page 427 "This area doesn't have those type of plants." Cause I taught my dad how to stop them growing.

Page 428 That memory doesn't make Kat happy, they'll have to go to the port town.

Page 429 Erbanas can avoid random encounters. Because alignment and levels are different.

Page 430 Speaking of which, Danni wants to switch to Kesti. Dude can give her a quest...if Kat approves.

Page 431 A quick primer on Kesti and quests.

Page 432 Kat approves Dude's quest, Danni accepts it without hearing it cause of Bandit.

Page 433 That's okay, it's a simple fetch quest, listed in her interface.

Page 434 "I just found my popularity stats. They're going up!"

Page 435 Dude sees Kat smile, and foolishly mentions it. Bandit wants to pick up Jane.

Page 436 Meanwhile, Jane is practicing. Happily.

Page 437 She runs out of scoiatti. Too bad.

Page 438 For the trees, at least. Danni and Dude would rather she stay away.

Page 439 They argue while Kat notices something.

Page 440 Kat quietly readies MEAN EATER.

Page 441 And casts could use a smiley face.

Page 442 But doesn't need one to eat...something mean looking.

Page 443 Everyone acts unsurprised.

Page 444 Applause, and snark, from the forest shadows.

Page 445 Bandit is unfazed, and has his own response ready.

Page 446 Kat insists on being nice. Bandit tells her nicely make him.

Page 447 Persuasive plant use...for some definitions of "persuasion".

Page 448 Bandit nicely lies down in the nice grass. Dude is confused.

Page 449 The enemy comes out in the open. They think things got easier for them.

Page 450 Negotiations begin...including Bandit's first overture to Kat.

Page 451 But the main subject is Jane. Where is she?

Page 452 There's a bounty on Jane, for her actions as Bloody Mary.

Page 453 The opposing leader approaches...Kat is wary of her.

Page 454 Her group is not interested in being nice.

Page 455 Dude finally catches on that the enemy leader is Mani.

Page 456 Quick exposition on Mani. She is not pleased.

Page 457 Dude is Bandit's wingman. But Kat is unmoved.

Page 458 And she's not letting Bandit move either.

Page 459 Kat can see their stats and knows she can win even without hacking, with a litle help.

Page 460 Dude is not sure he should. And his Special complements Bandit and Jane more than Kat.

Page 461 Danni, on the other hand, is sure that Outsiders deserve a chance. Even Jane.

Page 462 The Mani decides negotiations have failed. Dude throws in with Kat's plan.

Page 463 Dude does what he does best. Somehow this is not what the Mani expected.

Page 464 Partly because he's running in the wrong direction...or is he?

Page 465 The opposing team turns to look...the poor fools.

Page 466 Kat 'persuades' the Mani to lie down and shut up.

Page 467 And politely asks Danni to help her neutralize the rest of them.

Page 468 Danni is a little too eager for 42% g, and the bald Demoli sees a shot.

Page 469 Incoming.

Page 470 MEAN EATER gets indigestion. Kat dodges a giant flame wave. Danni...

Page 471 Ouch. Kat is NOT pleased.

Page 472 "I can destroy them--the nice way."

Page 473 Plant fiber is surprisingly strong.

Page 474 But Kat didn't gather enough of those plants.

Page 475 Fortunately, the other team doesn't know how they work. They lose another effective.

Page 476 Bandit is trying to get back into the fight. Someone beats him to it.

Page 477 Danni's still moving, to Kat is overjoyed.

Page 478 Danni's too busy fighting to be similarly thrilled.

Page 479 Herve, the opposing Demoli, is too busy being a tree. The opposing team has only one effective.

Page 480 It wasn't was her father's Special.

Page 481 Dude's voice is getting closer suddenly. What's he fleeing now?

Page 482 Kat tries to get everyone to safety. Including Vize.

Page 483 Dude! Run faster! That thing is way to close or even more way too big!

Page 484 Or both. "That's going to kill everyone!"

Page 485 Vize picks a card, any card. Kat can't stop him.

Page 486 Or can she?

Page 487 "And it, of course, hits the deselione instead."

Page 488 "Dude! I need that card!"

Page 489 Everyone watches the deselione fight it's even more monstrous doppleganger.

Page 490 Kat is fed up with Vize.

Page 491 She's taking that card for herself.

Page 492 And the monstrous doppleganger it created.

Page 493 Bandit is fed up with Kat. It's time for someone to die, and he's not asking nicely.

Page 494 Vize is about to go down, but Kat won't kill him. Bandit...

Page 495 Won't either. Not if Kat can stop him.

Page 496 Bandit isn't fussy about who he kills. Anyone will do.

Page 497 "The chimera can't block both."

Page 498 Bandit realizes that endangering his entire City might not be a great idea.

Page 499 "She's not hacking?"

Page 500 Kat can shield her friends while the chimera shields her enemies.

Page 501 But she probably doesn't have as many hit points.

Page 502 Bandit could endanger his entire City again, and far worse.

Page 503 After, I can't follow this line of 'reasoning'.

Page 504 Jake knows that this is a terrible idea that makes zero sense.


Page 506 Steven! Steven please! Let's go, let's go!

Page 507 Danni Intervention!

Page 508 DanniKat has exited the tree!

Page 509510 "Next Death will be permanent."

Page 511 "Please find another Esone."

Page 512 Leeroy, you are just stupid as hell.

Page 513 There is no minimum safe distance.

Page 514 Jane is blissfully unaware of...everything.

Page 515 Other than what she can kill...oh wait?

Page 516 She spots the light of unrestricted Demoli Specials being unleashed.

Page 517 Aza, the Mani, starts collecting her team, and harping on TENka.

Page 518 They start trying to plan something, but don't spot Jane in time.

Page 519 Kat, meanwhile, is deciding to be very specific about her vengeance.

Page 520 But saving Danni is more urgent right now.

Page 521 Oh, Jane has arrived. She wants off this island.

Page 522 "I'll spare the dancer again."

Page 523 "The trouble is coming down, my fair kitty."

Page 524 "They're killing my kids."

Page 525 Bandit courts death. IRL. For his whole City.

Page 526 Dude arrives...and doesn't understand.

Page 527 Kat finds Danni, narrowly avoids a kick in the face.

Page 528 Danni apologizes for being easily scared, then Dude flees to them, screaming.

Page 529 To Danni, at least. He's still scared of Kat.

Page 530 But not scared enough to refrain from asking for a card Kat doesn't have.

Page 531 Bandit arrives. Danni wants an explanation.

Page 532 Something with fangs arrives. It wants Dude's insides.

Page 533 Bandit decides to explain something else.

Page 534 Dude still hasn't saved himself. Bandit pretends not to be a jerk.

Page 535 Jane saves Dude...or just kills the thing in her way.

Page 536 Everyone assumes the latter.

Page 537 Bandit bargains for Dude's life. Jane's reply is ambiguous.

Page 538 Dude fesses up about the portal.

Page 539 Bandit 'warns' Jane not to kill Dude.

Page 540 Jane's not dead. But Kat still doesn't think Bandit was nice.

Page 541 Jane doesn't want that portal.

Page 542 "Well, I do."

Page 543 Bandit thinks Jane will listen to him.

Page 544 In any case, she's not willing to alienate Kat further.

Page 545 Dude, however, is willing to alienate Danni further.

Page 546 Even at the risk of his life.

Page 547 Dude gives in and tries to relocate the portal.

Page 548 "He's triggering the Flee response."

Page 549 Bandit still doesn't seem to realize that he's tried to literally kill Danni's IRL multiple times.

Page 550 "The screaming stopped."

Page 551 " not normal."

Page 552 "Jane didn't want this." But she doesn't hesitate either.

Page 553 Kat follows. Bandit ponders the implications of the portal.

Page 554 Danni catches up. Bandit is helpful as ever.

Page 555 Danni has concerns, but the portal of opportunity is closing.

Page 556 She goes through, as if there were an alternative. The trees resume their vigil.

Page 557 It's raining on the other side, in the middle of a desert, obviously.

Page 558 Kat and Bandit both Whisper help. Danni gives each the answers they deserve.

Page 559 Danni navigates the soaking wet 2 g desert carefully. Dude doesn't help.

Page 560 He didn't scare away the deseliones either. Not that there were more around.

Page 561 The rain stops. So does their playing period.

Page 562 Mortos get guard duty, except for Jane.

Page 563 Last time she was on guard duty, she killed her entire team.

Page 564 She doesn't seem penitent, either. Alternatives?

Page 565 "Okay, Bandit shall be on watch."

Page 566 Jane might have logged out already. Or just be waiting to kill them when they do.

Page 567 The rest of them discuss this quandry, and decide to just stay away from her.

Page 568 Danni notices that Kat is holding something.

Page 569 It's because the inventory system doesn't support "pockets". Oh well.

Page 570 Also, sand does not turn into fire. Lame.

Page 571 "Are you three ever going to log out?"

Page 572 "Welcome back, Bandit. You have 450286 new messages!"

Page 573 Only 4 are categorized as important.

Page 574 "Kimi-san it is!"

Page 575 They discuss the hacked portal.

Page 576 But Jake really doesn't know anything.

Page 577 Oh, he does know that TENka can't prove they aren't the bad guys.

Page 578 And he thinks he knows Brandon better than he lets Brandon know him.

Page 579 Kim knows that a spy could find proof that TENka aren't the good guys.

Page 580 Jake decides to be skeptical of the one charge on which "Kleya's" definitely guilty.

Page 581 Kim brings up that time he went Leeroy Jenkins.

Page 582 Jake pretends he doesn't know how stupid that was.

Page 583 Kim believes he might not, but doesn't believe it wasn't stupid.

Page 584 Dr. Grace feels Kim isn't philosophical enough.

Page 585 They discuss the spy who placed the portal.

Page 586 And how to dispose of her.

Page 587 Jake suggests sending her to try and save Brandon's city.

Page 588 Dr. Grace is reminded that Jake isn't usually ruthless under his own name.

Page 589 He explains the basic outline of the Bandit gambit.

Page 590 And introduces a "distracting hacker" plan based on the actual cyborg. Genius!

Page 591 Among the many problems with this plan is that it requires Kat to not despise Bandit.

Page 592 Oh, and she has to agree to be imported to TENka city, rather than just destroying it.

Page 593 Dr. Grace acknowledges that there is one flaw in this otherwise perfect plan.

Page 594 Meanwhile, Mae has run out her entertainment budget. Kleya saves her from boredom!

Page 595 The rest of her family is IRL doing Survival stuff. Kleya 'totally' gets that.

Page 596 The talk about IRL, and how Mae got hurt.

Page 597 But that wont' happen again, and last time Mina found a medibot full of supplies!

Page 598 Mae has an exiting and very scientific theory about the various bots.

Page 599 Kleya should check her messages. Ah, there's one from Jane.

Page 600 "Oh, you should go, Mina should be back by then, too!"

Page 601 Brandon reacts to Jake sending his City a condemned programmer.

Page 602 And the idea that Kleya can fix things TENka can't. By casually mentioning he knew about the hacked portal.

Page 603 Of course, he was just trying to secretly alert the programmer they're now sending to his City.

Page 604 Brandon's got quadruple agent problems, but at least he doesn't have to make Kat like Bandit.

Page 605 And not even that kind of "like". Just "won't kill on sight" like.

Page 606 Which is pointless anyway, since the plan is supposedly to import her, as if she could hide being the cyborg.

Page 607 It was supposed to just be a miniture, portable Kido.

Page 608 The only way to miniturize the neural interface enough was putting it closer to the brain, by implanting it.

Page 609 And then she improved it...way more than anyone else thought possible, or safe.

Page 610 Then the Hacker attacks started...whoever was behind all that.

Page 611 Kleya returns to her new L.i.F.e. apartment. It's not a home.

Page 612 But it's less public than the Library and free upload point...and she gets paid!

Page 613 Kat uploads to the meeting with Jane. Sandra seems not to know Jane is insane.

Page 614 Sandra notices Kat and leaves her and Jane to converse in private.

Page 615 Jane wants her Special fixed. An easy matter, but why can't Jane do it?

Page 616 Jane's husband made it...before he died. Jane discusses the Dead Ones.

Page 617 Kat worries she knows what Jane's getting at...then realizes she really doesn't.

Page 618 "You want to save people? Want to be nice?"

Page 619 "Kill the Game...and save us."

Page 620 "You have it wrong."

Page 621 "Citizens don't depend on the Game to live."

Page 622 "Are they stuck? Stuck in a tiny group? Watching resources crumble, watching fear distort, watching death move in next door."

Page 623 "They kicked me out."

Page 624 TENka originally planned to have Bandit take a spot in Bloody Mary's old team.

Page 625 "A vote was held."

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