Mina Lilly
Name Mina Lilly
Gender Female
Location Unstable Area

Mina Lilly is an outsider who survived The Ending with her family. Her Avatar is not the default school outfit[1].


Mina sings to support her family. Kleya Smith helps her stage act by programing modifications to her voice. It is unknown how Kleya and Mina met.


Mina gave a performance at the Rising Stars room located in LiFe's Entertainment Corner. The crowd was double her previous size and she felt that it could finally be her big break. She sang two songs. The first one was about the stars and indicates that seeing the stars are hard to do after the Ending.

Mina's performance made 1795 dollars. She keeps 80% of it and Kleya gets the other 20%. She loans 1000 dollars to Kleya so that Kleya can upgrade her voice.

DeathMatch AftermathEdit

Mina is a fan of The Bandit. She did not believe that Kleya was the "pink thing's user". But once she was convinced of it, she demanded to be Kleya's manager. This resulted in her getting hundreds of watchers.

Preparing for Game TrialsEdit

Kleya helped Mina limit the watchers access and confessed that she did not build the voice upgrade. Mina's sister, Mae, convinced Mina to make a song in tribute of Kleya to convince Kleya's fans to be fans of Mina.

When she appeared before the crowd of fans, they demanded to see Kleya and didn't care at all about Mina. Kleya scared many of them away but there was a lot that stayed. Mina hugged Kleya and thanked her for her sacrifice. And she then determined to make lots of songs and hopefully get a chance to meet Saisuke.

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