Kleya's Mother
Kleya's Mother
Name Chi-?
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Kleya Smith's mother is dead. Kleya is believed to have killed her and Kleya is emotionally distraught about it. It is unknown when she died.  Kleya looks to her mother as a hero.

When she was alive, she worked on many technological things, such as the Kidos.  The author said that Kleya's mom worked the most on the Kido 3, but the Kido 6 was her favorite.

From a flashback on page 241, it's implied that she died of some sickness.  Kleya was telling her that she has to get better, and that she'll make her get better.

Kleya also did something that her mother wanted her to stop.  It was a situation where Kleya felt she would lose if she stopped and her mother demanded her to stop [1].

Her favorite color is pink.

Her name begins with Chi-

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