Name Jane
Gender Female
Location Outsider
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary

Jane is a player in The Game. She was the champion of the most recent DeathMatch, which made her the leader of the new group of players. This group consists of Kleya Smith, The Bandit, The Dude, and Danni Morretti.  It seems that Jane already knows Sandra pretty well.

It was revealed that Jane has two children and that she takes good care of them.  This implies that she is not quite so insane as she acts.  The difficulty of this is amplified by the fact that they're Outsiders - where every day is a struggle to live.  Her being in The Game is probably the only hope for her family's survival, which is why she takes it seriously. But, recently, while the team is on Porto del Fama, Jane confides to Kat that "they" are killing her kids. It is unknown whether the "they" she mentions is TENka or another organization, but it is mostly believed to be TENka.

Throughout the Game Trials, she utilized her signature special to attack and distract her opponents. She also attacked with a handheld scythe in close combat.  To add to her image of insanity, Jane has a penchant for reciting nursery rhymes before doing violence.


Just before the start of Not A Villain, Jane was known as Bloody Mary. She was a player in the Game. Her group's popularity had dropped and was about to be replaced so she slaughtered them all to increase her popularity. As a result, she was banned, with the demand to reset and the option to try out for The Game once more. She has "reset as demanded" and is now known as Jane.

Game TrialsEdit

Jane won all her matches. She defeated Danni and caused her to fall to the Loser's Bracket.  Her second-to-last match was won by forfeit, against The Bandit. The final match was against Kleya, with Kleya in the Loser's bracket.  Jane started out the match by reciting a twisted nursery rhyme, before she sent out her self-replicating dolls.

Her use of the special throughout the tournament helped everyone to recognize that she was, in fact, Bloody Mary.

After Game TrialsEdit

The fifth member of the group, Waterman, brought a petition to remove her because he believed that "something is up": he didn't get why Jane was able to return to The Game if she was banned. His petition failed and Jane had a counter-petition to remove Waterman, which was successful.  As a result, Danni was brought in to the group.

In response to The Dude's complaint about how difficult life is, Jane grew angry and fought with him, telling how difficult life is as an Outsider.

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