The Dolls
Jane's Dolls
Programmer Jane
Type Unknown

Jane's Special consists of two dolls. They are animated using two HP each from Jane. If a doll is killed, it is resurrected and duplicates. This takes two more HP, per doll, from Jane.

Kleya doesn't think very highly of its programming. It looked like four programs cobbled together and she didn't even believe it would work.

Besides the dolls being able to respawn they are able to distinguish between their creator and her enemies. Because of this it is impossible to use her dolls against her. Since Jane's special is practically foolproof, the only way that Jane could lose if her special was active would be if the attacker constantly smashed the dolls without being hit by them or Jane herself.


It has not been indicated what the 4 programs that Kleya saw. Below is a possible idea.

  1. Doll
  2. Duplicating
  3. Respawning
  4. Path finding
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