Bandit - life
Reality Name Jake
LiFe Name The Bandit
Gender Male
Location TENka City
Faction TENka
The Bandit
New Bandit
The Bandit

Jake (aka The Bandit) is a very popular rookie user in The Game. His immediate boss is Dr. Grace. His partner is Brandon.  Before The Ending, he has already played The Game.  For some reason, he had to receive special permission to create his avatar.

Jake is proficient at programming, second only to Kleya Smith, compared to the general population. He is currently going to enter into The Game, in the same group as Kleya. There have been hints that once upon a time, he was in love with Kleya, though he is denying it.

Jake may also have been involved in a conspiracy with Kleya's dad. At the moment, the Bandit and the Dude are the only ones in the comic so far who know Kleya's true identity. (At least, to the readers of the comic.)


Jake lives in TENka City[1]. He helps keep the city running.


Jake has a special which drains his sight stats and adds to his speed.  He used it to extreme efficacy against Kleya, twice so far: once in the DeathMatch and a second time in the Game Trials.

LiFe OfficialEdit

Jake also is a LiFe Official. He was tasked by Sandra to discover the player behind Kat v7 and tasked by Dr. Grace to convince her to re-enter the Game Trials.  He succeeded.

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