Game Groups consist of up to 5 players playing in The Game.  The entire group has one alignment.  It is unknown if members can have a different individual alignment.  Winners of the Game Trials are assigned to a Game Group.

Game Groups is a new modification to The Game and some parts of The Game do not yet support it, such as the Tutorial.

There are 4 known groups so far.

  • Saisuke appears to be in a group of 1. He is a Hero.
  • Snowman's group. This group is a Villain group.
  • Bloody Mary's group was all killed by Bloody Mary and she was booted out of the game. This group is no longer in The Game.
  • Kleya Smith's group. This is a new group with 5 new members because of Bloody Mary's act. They will be going through the Tutorial to decide their Alignment.
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