DeathMatch is a tournament to select the players that will actually enter the Game Trials. You have to have a certain number of points to make it into the Game Trials. Points are awarded by wins and votes. Top winners get a cash prize.

In the most recent DeathMatch, Danni Morretti and Kleya Smith were partners. Danni Moretti fought against Scorpo, and Kleya fought against The Bandit. Danni won her match, but the voters brought her down to a tie. Kleya barely won against The Bandit, thanks to her special, Hero Smiley.

The Bandit moved on to the Game Trials, thanks to his partner's scoring. Danni and Kleya scored 11 points, barely enough to move on, but Kleya forfeited. Despite forfeiting, they still moved on to the Game Trials.


Each match is worth 10 points. Points are handed out based on the voting percentage. Winner gets 50 extra voting points. Partner scores are added together and that is the basis for whether you move on or not. A perfect score is 20 but is extremely hard to do. 11 gets you to the DeathMatch while 14 gets you a cash prize.

DeathMatch ResultsEdit

  • Danni gained 5 points
  • Scorpo gained 5 points
  • Kleya gained 6 points
  • The Bandit gained 4 points
  • The Dude gained 7 points
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