Daniella Morretti
Danni Morretti
Reality Name Daniella Morretti
LiFe Name Danni Morretti
Gender Female
Location City
Danni's new avatar

Daniella Morretti is Kleya Smith's partner in the Game Trials. She is desperate to get in and win a prize money as her real life situation is not in great shape. She is a Citizen. She loves dancing, but an accident in real life makes her unable to dance.


Before The Ending, she was a famous ballerina. She has performed in London and both Patrick and Sandra enjoyed her performance there.

She has been practicing for 10 months to get into The Game. In those 10 months, she had 4 partners. The Angus Twins bothered her during those 10 months and caused her partners to give up. One, a wanna-be elf, didn't even bother to fight[1]. Her last partner, Nanea, apparently died because of the Angus Twins.


Danni is first introduced when she discovers Kleya attempting to upload a poorly drawn avatar (Kat v7). She lets Kleya borrow Nanea's avatar and practices with her in the Cheap Scenario. They are interrupted by the Angus Twins who use their special, Ribbon , to almost defeat Danni and Kleya. Danni is impressed when Kleya's special, Hero Smiley, defeats the Angus Twins with one hit. She convinces Kleya to join with her for the upcoming DeathMatch.

Danni's match in the DeathMatch was Scorpo. She only tied in the match and was depending on Kleya to win her match against The Bandit. When Kleya won, Danni was ecstatic but when Kleya forfeited, Danni was distressed.

Game TrialsEdit

Danni, hoping to receive an award, revealed that Kat v7's LiFe character was Kleya. Kleya, to protect Danni, agreed to enter into the Game Trials and demanded that Danni was also entered. Danni requested that Kleya create a special for her.

In the Game Trials, Danni won all her matches until she fought Bloody Mary. Her next match was against Kleya. She was able to activate her special before Kleya but before she could make her first hit, Kleya activated her special. After hitting Kleya, Danni was frozen by Kleya's special which caused her to lose.

After DeathMatchEdit

Danni fled to the University for her final day. She and her parents had struggled to convince her City that it was worthwhile to keep her alive but since she could not get into the Game, her City has decided that she is too much work. Kleya offered to forfeit her place to allow Danni back into the Game but Danni wouldn't take it. When knowledge of Waterman's expulsion from the Game and her advancement came to her, she broke down in laughter.

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