The New Dude
Name Brandon
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Faction TENka
The Dude
The New Dude
The Dude

Brandon is known as "The Dude" in the game. He is Jake's partner.  He's a year older than Jake, and they've known each other since they were five.

In the Game Trials, he forfeited both his match against The Bandit and his match against Kleya Smith.

He has a well-made, but simple, Random Special.  His entire form of combat is based around specials.

He is known to play chess when he is relaxing. He doesn't care much for the girl behind the destruction of the world and when The Bandit informed him that Kleya is that girl, he is fearful for his life.

Brandon was present during the Shanghai incident, when IHI's mechas turned on people.

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