New template for comic page lists

I created a new template to use for listing the comic pages that a character is on.  Here is how it is used on Jake's page:

{{Comic pages|official_list=the-bandit|other_pages=71,72,73,74,75,76,77|possible_pages=39}}

And here it is on Julius Sander's page:

{{Comic pages|other_pages=02}}

The official_list parameter is for characters that have an official page on Not a Villain.

The other_pages parameter is for all pages that are not listed in the official page or, if a character doesn't have an official page, for all pages the character appears in. It is a comma separated list.

The possible_pages parameter is for pages where we think the character is there but it isn't certain because they are in different avatar, character, name, etc. It is a comma separated list.

Also, you can just add the template without any parameters like
{{Comic pages}}
and it will add a category to the page so that others can find it and add the parameters.