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Orange Blossom's Violist
• 7/21/2013

Alignment Color Poll

A new poll has been added to the front page.  It asks what alignment color Kleya's team will be.  These colors are based off of the Alignment image on Page 254.  Reply with what you answer was and why you think so.

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Orange Blossom's Violist
• 7/21/2013

I chose Green.  Blue and green are my favorite colors and since I think they'll be a Villain group, I picked green.  I have no idea what the colors could mean.

• 7/22/2013

Green's my favorite color, so I chose that.  Even if I had voted for them to be Heroes, I would have still voted Green.

So, on a related note, let's make rampant and entirely inaccurate speculation about what the colors mean (just for fun):

Red: Aggressive Villain

Yellow: Aggressive Hero (Smite Evil and all that)

Blue: Good for the sake of Good (like Saisuke)

Green: Sadism or anything Jane-like

Pink: Pacifist Good ("Let's not fight")

Orange: Minor antagonist (Comedic villain, like Snowman)

• 7/23/2013

Maybe Aneeka likes Wheel of Time and it is patterned after the Ajahs.  See if you haven't read Wheel of Time.  And if you haven't read Wheel of Time, you should start reading.  It will take a while :)

• 8/9/2013

Okay; since this most recent comic, I've changed my opinion about how the alignment works.

I think that each individual character can have a different alignment color.  However, teams are either Hero Teams or Villain Teams, depending on which side has the majority.

So I think the alignments will line up like this:

Jane will get Red, for cruelty.

The Bandit will get Brown/Orange for doing things to his advantage only.

Danni will get Blue.

The Dude will get Pink (for comedic effect): especially because he has no offensive attacks at the moment.

That would make Kleya's alignment the deciding factor.  I personally think that she'll get Green, even though she wants yellow.

That would make it a Villain Group - acting as a perfect foil to Kleya's struggle.

• 8/10/2013

I'm thinking it is per character as well.  Especially since the game originally did not have the group format.

But why do think Kleya would get a villain color?  Wouldn't she know the tutorial and how to get the alignment she wants?  I doubt the alignment selection is random so all she needs to do is follow the correct steps and she'll get whatever she wants.

• 8/12/2013

I think Kleya will get a villain color because "knowing" and "doing" are different.  Sure, she wants to be a Hero, and she knows how to be a Hero, but that doesn't mean she will do exactly what she knows when the pressure is on.  An example we can see of her doing this is when Kleya tries to hack The Bandit in their first match.

Kleya knows not to hack, but her determination to win made her fall into temptation and she hacked - and her Hero Smiley undid her hacking and covered it up.

However, she can't use her Hero Smiley now, because of the lack of Esone(s).  Therefore, the temptation from D will frustrate her, she'll want to hack to do the Hero's Choice, but then she'll remember in the nick of time that she has to be a hero and not hack - forcing her to go along a villainous route.

Plus, it gives for a better comedic contrast / dramatic realization if her desire to become a hero prevents her from getting a Hero alignment - or, in other words, in order for her to be a Hero, she has to be villainous, but in order to be a hero, she has to be a Villain.

At least, if I was writing the story, that's how I would write it.  Aneeka probably has different ideas.  Either way, it makes for a good story.

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