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Orange Blossom's Violist
• 6/1/2013

Reason for Hacker Hunts

Do we have any information on exactly why the hacker hunts started?  And did it start before The Ending (meaning pole shift, super volcano, etc) or after it?

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Orange Blossom's Violist
• 7/17/2013

If I remember correctly, the Hacker Hunts started because someone hacked robots which caused lots of deaths.

So, as I understand it: (speculation based on logical sequence of events)

First, the Hacker Organization was made.

Then, Hacking Happened.  (Shanghai Incident?)

After that, retaliation occurred, with the general populace chasing down all programmers and engineers.

When disaster struck, the hacked life support systems failed and, because there was nobody around who knew how to fix it, lots of deaths happened.

Hysteria and hype then happened, and the blame was placed on the Hackers.

The Ending: Pole shift, volcanos, burnt off atmosphere, mass hysteria, bad life support

TENka came in to "save the day", being the only group left with knowledgeable programmers.  They were praised as the heroes and got rich.  They took advantage of this position in order to keep themselves on the top.

That's how I see it.

((Oh!  And I'm back!  Sorry for my long disappearance.  I had to make a new account because I forgot my old password and the Wikia would refuse to send me an e-mail in response.))

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