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Orange Blossom's Violist
• 2/20/2013

If you were in The Game...?

If you were in The Game, what would your character be like?  Would your character be offense-oriented, defence-oriented, etc?  What specials would you have, and how would they work?  Would you be a team-leader, or would you be alone like Saisuke?  A hero or a villain?

I think it sounds like it would be fun to play in it.  Of course, as time goes on, we'll be able to find out more about The Game, but it's always fun to come up with stuff for now.

After I have time to think this out, I'll answer my own question, as well, sometime this week.

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Orange Blossom's Violist
• 2/23/2013

I'd probably be alone and a villain.  I don't really like being in teams and I feel like being a hero limits you.  As a villain, you can act heroish sometimes but a hero can never act villainish.

I'm not sure about offense vs defense.  I think I'd be a mage or thief type as that is what I usually pick when I do play mmorpgs.  I like distance or stealth based fighting.

I do wonder if you are actually allowed to be alone.  All the other people we know in the game besides Saisuke are in teams.  Is Saisuke a rare specimen or will we see other loners?

I'd probably never get the chance to be in the game since I'd be dead in the witch hunt for programming :)

• 7/17/2013

Okay, I'm finally back.

I would totally create a character who has a fencing sword and a viola.  Or maybe I would use the bow as a sword (sabre or epee?  I can't decide - I like using both so much).  I'd make a special that has to do with music (that'd be totally cool!)

We could totally be in the same team.  You would have to be an outsider, 'cause that's probably the only way you would have survived the Hacker Hunt.  Or you could be a TENka employee.

I don't know what I would be, though.  I'm a Mechanical Engineer, so I might have been hunted, too?  However, I'm totally uninterested in Mecharobots, so there's no way I would have worked for one of those companies they targeted.  However, I'm instead studying medicine (for making medical devices), so there's a chance they would have left me alone.  ("Wait, he's not a programmer, he's a doctor's assistant!")  So, I don't know.  I wouldn't be affiliated with TENka, that's for sure.  Nor Iron Helpers.

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