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Orange Blossom Special
• 1/14/2013

2013-01-11 Friday

Apparently the set up that Mae and Mina are using require flicks to stand up.  That makes it seem that they are not using Kido's or Kleya's contraption.

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Orange Blossom Special
• 1/15/2013

I believe that, at one time, Kleya said they were using a headset.  If I recall correctly, she said it right after the virus attacked back in the Games Trials.

I'll go check it out right now.

Just found it: page 109 of the comic.  Kleya says, "You use the headgear set, right?  Just take it off and you'll see Reality again.  You're not neuron-connected."  The accompanying picture shows a headset that covers the eyes, coupled with gloves.

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